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We chose the Panda as our "mascot" because of it's dual quality to be both strong and gentle in nature. Our strength derives from the insurance knowledge and expertise acquired over several years in the industry. The gentle comes from our no pressure approach of doing business. You will never be pressured into purchasing with us. We want you to choose Panda Insurance because we are professional and efficient in finding the best policy for you.


First and foremost, we are all human and not Panda bears. We just really like the Panda. Isn't he cute?


We also like being able to give our customers many options when it comes to insurance so that they can wisely choose a policy within their budget with the coverage they need. Although we work with over 15 different insurance companies, our customers are the people we truly work for. You can view a list of insurance companies we work with on our Products page or click here.

When you call or visit our office you will find a team who will shop with the nations top insurance carriers until you find the policy that's right for you, at the best price possible. You will also find friendly personalities, and practical insurance advice from all our agents.


We currently have offices in Phoenix and Mesa, AZ.  We are looking to expand to better serve our customers. Don't worry, there will be enough of the Panda to share soon.


In the meantime, like us on Facebook and share us with your friends in cyber space.

"We have worked with Panda Insurance on many occasions over the past few years.  They have always been helpful, priced well, and responsive.  Most of our clients are Hispanic and it is very helpful that they are bi-lingual.  When I need something quickly they are always able to provide it. We will certainly continue to use Panda Insurance in the future.” -Dennis Wilson (Miracle Leasing, Inc )



“I’ve sent many referrals to Panda Insurance because they have always been dependable and knowledgeable about all their insurance products. They follow up promptly on all of my insurance requests and are always friendly when I call. I recommend you give them a try.”-Tony Moreno (Homesmart Lending)



“I was referred to Panda Insurance and have been insuring my properties with their agency for some time now. Their quotes are priced well and the insurance is customizable. Everyone in the office is very friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient, I'd highly recommend them for any insurance needs.” -Art Aguilar (Desert Eagle Properties LLC)



“Panda Insurance is a fantastic agency. I refer everyone I can to this agency because they have all the insurance products to fit our client’s needs and have fast , friendly service. They have always been quick to respond when we call their office and take care of our requests in a timely manner.”-Todd Bond (Bond Properties LLC)





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