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Frequently Asked Questions








- Is my information secure?

This site was built with security in mind, from day one. We comply with all industry standard protocols like HTTPS for data transmissions. Our quotes are serviced though our technology partner servers which are hosted at a state-of-the-art data center that is SAS-70 compliant. Most importantly we do not share your information with anybody, and we limit access to information to a "need to know basis".


- What's the benefit of shopping online?

Shopping online has many benefits, one being the ability to get multiple quotes from multiple carriers in a fraction of the time it would take you if you go to each and every office.

- Do I pay more by buying through you than going directly to every individual company?


ABSOLUTELY NOT! That's the beauty of it, you get access to multiple carriers, you can buy online, by phone or at the offices with a professional insurance agent at no extra cost to you. The insurance companies pay us, our quotes are usually lower than if you go directly to each separate website. Why? Our agents are trained to apply every single discount possible out there. You are sure to get the best rate available to you.


- Do you offer multiple policy discounts?

We do. Most of the companies we work with offer a multi-policy discount. Keep in mind that WE ARE your Personal Insurance Shoppers and we'll get you the best deal available to you, in some cases you may get a better deal by buying from two different companies.


- Do you insure young drivers?

Yes we do. We know the companies that are after this market and we place the business with them. Most of the time this knowledge alone can save your kids or you a lot of money.


- Do you sell only auto insurance?

No, we have pretty much every line of insurance out there from auto, home, landlords, business, life, commercial, many more. Whenever you have a need for insurance just ask us.


- Do you accept people with tickets, DUIs, suspended license? 


Yes, some of the companies we work with accept customers with a less than perfect driving record. Again we work for you, not for the insurance company, we'll get you the best deal possible, no matter what your record looks like.


- My car is paid off; do I still need car insurance?

Is pretty simple, IT'S THE LAW. Liability insurance is required in every state of the union.


- What factors can affect my auto insurance premium?


A lot of factors go into determining your rates, every company puts a different importance on these factors but the most common are : Age, Genre, Marital Status, Driving Record, Credit History, Prior Losses, Prior Insurance, Address.

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